The Way of the Song


In a relaxed and supportive environment, learn the basics of playing the guitar. Through an original curriculum of Picking Patterns, Strumming Patterns and Chord Progressions, we will expand your music vocabulary to the point of playing and singing songs by your favorite artists. We will also learn the basics of reading music, tablature and playing notes. My personal goals lead towards the therapeutic benefits that arrive with learning the instrument. All of my exercises are geared towards these goals in mind. Particularly with the call and response nature of the left hand and right hand, associated with the coordination of the left and right brain, these techniques serve to build up a particular skill set for disabled students (and business people).

Self- confidence.
Physical coordination through Call and Response Mechanism of Guitar Method.
Rhythm. A deepening sense of being grounded.


What is the structure of a song? What makes a song memorable? From conception to performance, we’ll study the Song. We’ll break songs into their parts, then rebuild them as we would a puzzle. We’ll create chord progressions with our instruments. From this base, we’ll create a melody and compose lyrics. Through a collaborative process, students will compose and perform original songs. This process will showcase the highlights – and pitfalls – of songwriting, serving as a basis to better understand the craft.


For over fifteen years, Db Leonard has taught a wide range of students how to find their voice through an original method incorporating the guitar and voice. He has been a faculty member at the 92nd Street Y School of Music (NYC), Barnard College (NYC), Daniel’s Music Foundation (NYC), Center for Creative Education (Kingston, NY), Potential Unlimited (Kingston, NY), the Castle School (Cambridge,MA). DB teaches private lessons in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley.