Working with Db is an enriching experience. From group guitar lessons to private songwriting, it became clear that I was in the right place to learn both technique and conceptual aspects of music. Db ensures his students feel comfortable to take creative risks and find their voice – literally and figuratively.

— Gabrielle Davenport, Barnard College

Db believes everyone has a voice. His lessons are a safe environment for a person to explore and discover their own music. He strongly encourages his students to start writing and documenting their ideas right away. Db knows that creativity is a process that must be nurtured and valued. He taught me about song structure, lyric writing, rhythm, melody and digital recording. He is willing to share all of that knowledge and experience with his students.

— Jim Madden, Woodstock, NY

Db’s curriculum pushes me to explore all aspects of guitar, songwriting and music development. He has opened new doors for me creatively.
I recommend him to all aspiring guitar players. Music is a key element in my life thanks to Db’s guidance.

— Kate Doris, Kingston, NY

If I’m going to get anywhere in the future, it’s thanks to how you structured the class and your stellar execution of it. You did such a great job breaking things down to their simplest level but keeping the momentum going at the same time by presenting us with new challenges.

— Alexandra Winslow, Barnard College

Db has been a truly inspiring teacher. I’ve become a better player, and have accessed a creative energy that allows me to explore music in ways that I was unable to before. Beyond my playing abilities, he’s inspired me to engage with my own voice again. I haven’t sung with anyone in over 20 years, but Db’s encouragement is allowing me to do something I’ve wanted for a very long time. I cannot thank him enough.

— Theresa Widmann, Brooklyn, NY

I have been working with Db Leonard for nearly six years during my time as an administrator at Barnard. As the Director of Orientation and Activities, I work with many different professionals who are hired for various programs, and I can’t say enough great things about Db. We discuss his curriculum to ensure that the timeline and content are conducive to students and it’s really nice being able to offer 10 weeks of classes to students at a reasonable rate. Classes fill up quickly every time the course is offered! I have also hired Db to perform during our Stress Free Zone, a study break for students to relax during finals. He puts on a soothingly wonderful show.

Not only do I know Db in a professional role, by registering his Guitar Classes here, but I also know Db as a former guitar student! He is a joy to work with and he truly embodies a level of enthusiasm and excitement that really engages his students. While I have a strong background in music, I never knew how to play the guitar and Db made it such an easy and enjoyable learning process for me. Playing the guitar is my favorite stress-reliever and I attribute my excitement to Db’s teaching style. He is patient, knowledgeable, and makes every student feel comfortable asking questions.

— Joyce Lewondowski, Director of Orientation and Activities, Barnard College,