DB Leonard

DB LEONARD is a Singer and Parlor Guitar Player and a Teller of Tall Tales. He creates atmospheric narratives embedded with bits of electronica and bites of a full band. His work has been classified as ‘music noir’- meaning heavy in mood and imagery, with an emphasis on the spaces in between.

With songs placed on The Hills (MTV), scores for independent films and collaborations with electronic musicians, Leonard fuses the elements of the Story with the Song in expanding territory.  Recently featured on NPR’s ‘Everyday Heroes’ for his eccentric output, he connects his songwriting with a passion for black and white photography.

His restless spirit started in Boston on heavy doses of Morphine [the alt-rock band] but it was in New York City where he experienced his coming of age. It started out in the subways and continued on through the stages, playing some of the city’s best-loved music rooms for nearly a decade. The Living Room, Mercury Lounge, Village Underground, CBGB’s (rip). For live shows he put together some smart bands. Most notably, The New Europeans, which eventually split into a duet (Chris Benelli on drums) and an electronic collaboration with producer Harvey Jones, SEX AND SORROW, who released two records, JOYOUS WORLD (2006) and EASY LIFE (2010).

It was in the Hudson Valley where Leonard compiled a decade of hidden gems. Leonard’s 2009 release, INFINITY SESSIONS, was recognized by the Hudson Valley’s The Daily Freeman as one of the top 10 regional albums of 2009. WHEN YOU COME AROUND, an 11 song number, followed up 2009’s INFINITY SESSIONS.

Now DB Leonard has embarked on a collaborative venture with five of his favorite producers in each of their own studios. Anthony Molina (Mercury Rev), Mike Merenda (Mike and Ruthy), Matthew Cullen (Sean Lennon, Duke McVinnie) and Malcolm Burn (Emmylou Harris) are all in line to produce one new DB Leonard song.

The first single “Hide the Knife”  was released Oct. 1, 2012.

“Db Leonard creates a spare, minimalist world of few notes and words but many meanings. The production has a Daniel Lanois-esque dreamy, transparent tone, and Leonard’s capable voice has an uncanny ability to sing as if he was singing just to you in a soothing, breathy whisper.” – David Malachowski

2012 Release from DB Leonard
Circus Addict Records/BMI